When life parks a school bus
In your living room
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What the...? Here is something you dont see every day

On May 6th, 2014 at 7:29 in the morning a school bus hit our house. Thank the lord no one was seriously injured. There were no children on the bus. The damage to the bus and house was the only thing emergency crews had to focus on that morning. Minutes later there was a good chance that children would have been crossing the street or waiting on our corner like they do every morning.

It is just stuff and are so thankful we didn't end up with less. Images from the exterior do not do the damage justice. Many have been surprised to hear that the home had to be completely demolished so that is part of the reason for me creating this site and posting the images for public view. I still get many questions and will use this platform to keep everyone up to date.

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When I Moved In


External Damage


Internal Damage


Damage To My Neighbors


This Was Fun To Watch


Video Dramatization

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